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Data is Essential to Running the Modern Enterprise. At best, data loss or IT downtime can be an expensive inconvenience. At worst, it can be a catastrophic financial blow. You need a cloud backup and recovery service that can recover your data quickly without draining your IT resources in the process. Dimension Data Protection offers enterprise-grade data protection that allows you to fully recover your data in minutes, from the cloud, and that’s priced competitively.

The most important part of a backup and recovery solution is “recovery.” A system might make backups like a well-oiled machine, but if those backups take days or weeks to recover, you’re still stuck with expensive downtime. Worse, if the backups you recover are corrupt or otherwise unusable, you could face a permanent loss of critical data.

That’s why our Data Protection doesn’t just recover your data lightning fast from the cloud, anytime and anywhere you need it. It also performs multiple validation checks on your backups, to make sure the data you’re transferring is always of high integrity, fully recoverable, and error-free.

Regardless of the server you keep it on, the operating system your business uses, or if it’s physical or virtual, you can back it up and restore it all form the same web interface.